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3 min readSep 27, 2020

We are proud to share with you the latest news about AToken. Today, AToken Wallet has officially launched the latest version V3.3.58, together with the brand new UI-designed official website. The latest V 3.3.58 has comprehensively upgraded the overall wallet user experience. For the current memes in the blockchain industry, such as DeFi and IPFS mining, it provides users with corresponding function updates. AToken’s goal is to provide users with a full-stop asset custody platform, allowing users to achieve one-stop behavior from storage to transaction and financial management through AToken, and truly become a reliable decentralized financial management platform.

Upgrade 1) One-Stop DeFi Service.

The entire 2020 has been lightened up by DeFi. In order to meet the users’ increasing demand, AToken has introduced a whole set of DeFi products for the users to choose from. AToken has recently reached strategic partnerships with the world’s largest DEX aggregator 1inch and the world’s leading decentralized lending platform Aave, becoming the first domestic wallet provider to integrate the native services of the 2 platforms. AToken users can open the Wallet App to perform multiple operations such as DeFi leding, yield farming, token deposit, and decentralized transactions, and enjoy the ultra-low slippage and optimal price aggregate transaction experience brought by AToken 1inch Pro.

Upgrade 2) Public chain Support Upgrade : PolkaDot

Regarding public chain support, we have finished the talk with Polkadot network and now working on tech integration. AToken has already supported more than 20 public chain systems, including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, DOt and so on.

Upgrade 3) Application Network Upgrade, 100x Interest Era on the Way

In addition to DeFi integration, AToken Wallet also provides numerous function upgrades to meet the all-round needs of users. AToken recently reached a cooperation with “Mining Man”, a cloud computing mining service provider, to provide users with diversified mining products such as BTC, ETH, and IPFS; The maintainence of Lightning Network will keep on supporting the transaction efficiency. Futher more, AToken will launch a new aggregate OTC function in the near future to enrich the business of OTC trading scenarios and provide users with more convenience.

Regarding asset security, our tech team conducted a comprehensive regular inspection of the codes. Since the establishment of the project, AToken has always put the security of users’ assets at the 1st place. AToken guarantees the security of user assets through 3-layer protection.

Layer-1 is the private key protection. The product adopts a five-tier HD wallet structure. The private key is only stored locally on the phone and will not be uploaded to the network in any form. The private key is also encrypted and stored by the password (AES256). When a signature is required, only the password of the wallet can be entered to obtain the private key, and then the private key used in the transaction is constituted;

Layer-2 is the mnemonic protection, whose functions is similar to other mainstream wallet products on the market. AToken supports the quick import and backup of mnemonic phases.

Layer-3 is the transaction protection. AToken uses horizontal isolation and vertical defense architecture. When digital currency transactions are performed, the communication between the server and the App needs to be signed. Check, and all circulating information is transmitted through HTTPS TLS 1.2 to ensure that the transmission is not intercepted by eavesdropping. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of the transaction, AToken will perform a hot backup of the nodes to improve the high availability of the server.

Under the development of Defi led by liquidity mining and AMM mechanisms, asset management tools are critically vital to the long-term success of DeFi. The gateway that interacts with Web 3.0 must be intuitive, secure and accessible, while maintaining the core spirit of “Becoming Your Own Bank”. AToken will continue to cultivate in decentralized finance and is committed to building a business entry for the users in the global digital asset field. The digital future is worth looking forward to!



AToken Official

AToken is a decentralized multi-asset wallet that supports multi-currency storage, the access to third-party DApps and currency exchange.