Autumn Special Offer №2![Mining Man Bonus Program]

AToken Official
1 min readSep 29, 2020

Open the AToken wallet, search for MiningMan in the DApp section. Enter Mining man and purchase any kind of product will lead you to a cash bonus!

Time Period:

Sept. 30th - Oct. 8th

Rules :

1、You have to have Miningman purchase history to be considered qualified for the cash reward;

2、Any successful computing power purchase will be rewarded 20 USDT. Inviting friends to successfully participate in the event will also be rewarded with 20 USDT.

3、The reward will be delivered automatically before Oct. 15th to the AToken wallet addresses who have purchased Miningman products during the event.

All right! That’s all for today! We will have one more event to announce tomorrow!

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AToken Official

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