Recap of Livestream AMA Co-hosted by AToken and Blogtienao

  1. What’s AToken wallet? Why investors and holders would rather use AToken than other wallets?
  • Support currency exchanges on Changelly and WhaleEx, like XUC, Kyber, SWFT and aim at supporting more and more currency exchanges in the future.
  • After the order is placed, the lowest transaction fee will be advised to users and the speed of transaction is too fast to be felt AToken will not charge any transfer rate A smart contract is used to implement a decentralized and trusted trading mechanism.
  • Users hold their private keys to prevent multiple funding risks caused by human factors in a centralized exchange.
  • Multi-account design supports that each account manages all of assets with a set of mnemonics
  • The private key is stored in app in the encrypted and isolated way. Furthermore, the private information will never be online.
  • Offline signing HD wallet that safeguards your assets with multi-encryption and security isolation, like PBKDF2, SHA-512, AES.
  • Multiple security strategies include firewall, abnormality monitor and alarm, regular vulnerability scanning etc.
  • Supports many mainstream public chain coins like BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, EOS, TRX, ATOM, DOT etc.
  • Supports star mainchain coins like Cosmos, Polkadot etc.
  • Supports multiple fork coins like BCH, SBTC, BTG, BCD etc.
  • Supports all tokens of ERC20, EOS, TRX-10 -20 and provides an integrated storage solution.
  • One click to create an account automatically adding 19 mainstream coins including BTC, ETH, ETC and all ERC-20 tokens It is easy and convenient to use functions of transfer and receive with scanning and sharing of QR code.
  • Support to add multiple accounts, as well as a variety of wallet import methods.
  • Supporting currency exchange module and checking digital asset marketing dynamics can meet the transaction needs of users.
  • The access to multiple DApps will enable users to play with more funny applications on the platform.



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AToken Official

AToken Official


AToken is a decentralized multi-asset wallet that supports multi-currency storage, the access to third-party DApps and currency exchange.