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Thanks to everyone who has participated in this livestream AMA co-hosted by AToken and Blogtienao. Please find below a summary of the session.

  1. What’s AToken wallet? Why investors and holders would rather use AToken than other wallets?

AToken, created by core development team members of Huobi Wallet, is a mobile wallet that supports secure and easy multi-asset storage, 3rd party DApp listing and token swaps. With the support for 19 blockchain, it is currently a wallet with the most supported blockchain. In December 2018, AToken received a wholly-owned acquisition of DFG.

AToken is one of the earliest decentralized wallets to support DeFi. It has multi-encryption protections, an ecosystem of various DApps (currently supporting DApps on ETH, EOS, TRX and ONT), and the support for the Staking ecosystem, the Compound ecosystem and more.

AToken has kept a record of no asset loss incident for over 2 years since its launch in 2017. AToken is now serving millions of users wholeheartedly.

2. Could you share more about AToken’s vision and concept?

AToken aims at solving the pain points of asset management in the blockchain industry and providing safe and reliable decentralized asset management and services.
AToken now supports several modules such as asset management, DApp applications, decentralized transactions and wealth management to meet the diverse needs of global users.

3. Do you support to swap token on your wallet?

Yes, we are supporting our users to exchange their token directly on AToken wallet.

  • Support currency exchanges on Changelly and WhaleEx, like XUC, Kyber, SWFT and aim at supporting more and more currency exchanges in the future.
  • After the order is placed, the lowest transaction fee will be advised to users and the speed of transaction is too fast to be felt AToken will not charge any transfer rate A smart contract is used to implement a decentralized and trusted trading mechanism.
  • Users hold their private keys to prevent multiple funding risks caused by human factors in a centralized exchange.

4. Can you please highlight more on the advantages of AToken compare to other competitors?

  • Multi-account design supports that each account manages all of assets with a set of mnemonics
  • The private key is stored in app in the encrypted and isolated way. Furthermore, the private information will never be online.
  • Offline signing HD wallet that safeguards your assets with multi-encryption and security isolation, like PBKDF2, SHA-512, AES.
  • Multiple security strategies include firewall, abnormality monitor and alarm, regular vulnerability scanning etc.
  • Supports many mainstream public chain coins like BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, EOS, TRX, ATOM, DOT etc.
  • Supports star mainchain coins like Cosmos, Polkadot etc.
  • Supports multiple fork coins like BCH, SBTC, BTG, BCD etc.
  • Supports all tokens of ERC20, EOS, TRX-10 -20 and provides an integrated storage solution.
  • One click to create an account automatically adding 19 mainstream coins including BTC, ETH, ETC and all ERC-20 tokens It is easy and convenient to use functions of transfer and receive with scanning and sharing of QR code.
  • Support to add multiple accounts, as well as a variety of wallet import methods.
  • Supporting currency exchange module and checking digital asset marketing dynamics can meet the transaction needs of users.
  • The access to multiple DApps will enable users to play with more funny applications on the platform.

5. How many public chains that you are supporting at the moment? Any plan for local Blockchain such as TOMO or Kardia?

This is a good question. AToken are now supporting up to 19 mainstream Blockchain and there will be more to be added in the near future. We are working with IOST to integrate with them on April and NEO will be the next Blockchain integrate with us on May.

We have already integrated with TOMO and supported TOMO Staking on our wallet.
Kardiachain is a good project that successed in their fundraising recently. We will have more event and activity together and deliver more value to our community and users.

6. What is the AToken future development plan for Vietnam and global market? In the process of developing AToken wallet is it difficult to be where you are today?

Our ultimate goals are focus on users’s benefits and partnership with local projects and communities.
We have built our local teams in Vietnam, the US, and Europe. Globalization is also a very important strategy this year and we will focus on technical infrastructure and ecosystem to try to build more dApps for different industries and scenarios.

The current plan is to educate our users about AToken ecosystem and interesting functions since we are pretty new in Vietnam.

We are working closely with local communities such as Blogtienao, VOZ, VIC Group, Coin98, Blockchain Crews…. to deliver more events and airdrop campaign. Hope everyone will like it.

The most difficult thing is to build a product which fits with local users. We are developing some functions that serve Vietnam users only.

7. AToken has a number of existing Dapps, including in the finance and gaming space. What new Dapps are coming up for AToken?

This is interest question. We will focus on DeFi Dapps and gaming in 2020. Our new Dapps are under development. It will be announced later in Q4 2020.

8. What has so far been the most fulfilling experience ever since starting AToken project?

The most fulfilling part of working at AToken has been in the past 2 years or so. Before that, the project was still very theoretical. We thought a lot about the design of our platform and were sprinting for 2+ years to build our tech. AND NOW … the tech is almost ready and we are entering into a new phase of AToken, where we will use our platform to build brand new version that are perfect for token holders. This is world-changing stuff, and it feels really great to be moving from theoretical to practical.

9. Who is your competitive at present time?

We don’t have any competitors. Our slogan is “Share the CAKE not FIGHT for it”.

10. What is the uniqueness of AToken that cannot be found in others projects that’s been released so far?

AToken provides low cost accelerate transaction service and support up to 3 free transaction for BTC.

AToken is one of the first batch of global wallets that supports the transaction acceleration.

Supports transaction acceleration of many tokens like BTC, ETH and ERC20.

11. Why the name of project is AToken, what is story behind this name?

Good question. AToken means All Tokens in A Wallet.

In Conclusion

All questions that were addressed during the AMA will share a pool of 200 USDT. Congratulations to all of the winners! Please contact our Facebook page to provide your AToken wallet and receive your prize.

See you at the next AMA!

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AToken is a decentralized multi-asset wallet that supports multi-currency storage, the access to third-party DApps and currency exchange.