VIC Telegram AMA 0411: Opportunity to grow in the middle of the season

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VIC Telegram AMA 0411: Opportunity to grow in the middle of the season

On 08:00 PM — 09:00 PM, Saturday 11/04/2020, the online AMA on the topic of “mid-season growth opportunity” has been successfully implemented. The program took place in 60 minutes with the representatives: Nguyen Nhat Quang — Co-Founder VIC, Scofield — CEO Kingdom Game, Paulus — Marketing Director, Andy — BD Manager Metaverse DNA Vietnam.

This is AToken’s 2nd AMA meeting with the Vietnamese community in the framework of introducing the community about the company and the upcoming development plan. Much appreciated for taking the time to follow us and ask so many questions.

Here is a summary of the questions posed by the audience during the livestream. If we have missed any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below the article or join the telegram team to get answers.

Question 1: KDG has just ICOed and successfully listed on MXC. So, what has KDG prepared and has found any sources of growth to cope with this pandemic?

Covid-19 pandemic will affect all industries such as finance, securities, traditional and even crypto. During this period, it will be difficult for all projects, but KDG has actively contacted with partners to expand the market and liquidity for KDG so that investors and traders have a market best school. In addition, KDG is also in the process of developing products soon to launch new games including payment systems as well as integrate the blockchain network in order to launch the market and introduce users to completed products.

Question 2: AToken is a user-friendly blockchain wallet and is planning to expand in Vietnam. I wonder if Paulus can share more with people what opportunities AToken is seeing in this market?

Regarding the vision of AToken is directed to Vietnam market, AToken’s main market is the Chinese market. Currently, the trend this year that AToken identified as POS, that is why when AToken just arrived in Vietnam has cooperated with Tomochain. AToken has POS Staking Tomochain on the app. When Staking, people will gradually go into making money less adventurous as they trade or invest in IEO. However, I personally recognize that the market will have an upcoming adjustment and attract new investors to enter the market. Of course, AToken aims at building up a platform that store digital assets, token swap & staking, integrating with public chains and DApps, even become a decentralized comprehensive payment platform in the near future.

Question 3: From the perspective of investors, what will be the growth engines of the crypto market?

The epidemic of Covid-19 now causes the crypto market to fluctuate, therefore it is linked with the government and other economies. If there is a recovery from crypto, there must be a recovery from stocks or some way to recover the market. For the time being, I recommend against investing. If you really have a large amount of money to invest, you should monitor this time to buy and keep long time for about a year to return, the economy can recover. Absolutely not invest in what is at risk.

Question 4: How to manage risks in the current picture like?

Quang: There are projects that are planning to expand the market and hosting events at the moment. But due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many organizations and companies have been affected and abandon development opportunities and cost unnecessary. And traditional businesses at this time are forced to close and are at risk of bankruptcy. Regarding risk management, I recommend that investors use about 50–70% to invest and the remaining 30% to maintain personal needs or force majeure cases when they are not profitable.

Scofield: The biggest risk I see now is coronavirus infection, if infected, there are many problems arise. Therefore, the most trustworthy investment is being healthy, all of family members and relatives. The second thing is that I don’t know when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak and when it ended, so many industries now fall into the brink of bankruptcy like aviation and tourism. Now I think the trend in the crowd is that at this stage real estate prices will go down and people think they will have to withdraw money to buy necessities or keep safe from the epidemic. In my personal opinion, one of the markets not fully controlled as crypto is one of the easiest to invest.

Paulus: Personally, most of myself will be Staking. I advise everyone to preserve the current capital, people do not forget that the market just broke out uptrend, the market has stepped down and tested to the bottom of last year. Just keep a few coins that I stick with for a long time and I Staking. If everyone decides that Staking money should be invested, firstly, people have to choose a good coin, the second price area to buy well and the third is how to manage capital? Must be DCA. In general,I will advise people to split capital to invest in trends such as the most recent Staking trend.

Question 5: Will there be staking of KDG, DNA on AToken?

AToken is currently in the setup phase for KDG and KDG is the second project to be connected follower after Tomochain. After integrating KDG’s coin, I will cooperate with some large community such as DNA. Furthermore, DNA will be given priority over a generous period of time for product development in the near future. It has been revealed that they will collaborate with Staking coins IOST and DOTs in the near future and will have airdrops for AToken users.

Question 6: After two halving sessions of BCH and BSV have just taken place, the market has shown signs of going down, according to you, whether the upcoming Halving phase of BTC will help the market prosperity again?

Halving historically will increase and decrease and I think BTC will also have a short increase and decrease. The decrease here is cumulative according to the market. Halving is actually one reason people pushed the price of coins.

The airdrop prizes in the contest will be announced and distributed to the winners through the information you have registered in the form.

The rewards include:

The first 3 friends to comment on “VIC Group” will receive 1 T-shirt sponsored by VIC

30 quickly create a wallet and make a deposit to the AToken wallet will receive 10 USDT into the AToken wallet.

When you complete the mini-game on the telegram group of Metaverse DNA Vietnam you will receive $ 10 DNA tokens.

10 of you with the best questions chosen by the organizers will receive 10 $ KDG tokens.

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