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On December 15, 2020, Pornhub, the world’s largest adult website, has revised its membership rules and supported crypto only for payment.

Although this information is not officially announced on Pornhub’s Twitter, the editor has succeeded in testing the purchase process. And it turns out it is accepting crypto only as its default payment, Visa and Master card payment not seen on the Premium service page.

Once clicking the “Get Premium Now”, more than 10 crypto currency selections will pop up. Currently, it has supported BTC, TRX, USDT, BCH, Dash, ETH, ETC, LTC, XMR, XVG, XEM, ZEC and Waves.

We are thrilled to announce that AToken has achieved strategic partnership with, the world’s first socialized digital asset trading platform. This partnership will provide users more utility use cases, and fully integrate mutual resources in global market. XT has been listed on Coingecko, Mytoken, Feixiaohao, etc. and you can store, send & receive XT on AToken now.

Thanksgiving Day is approaching. In December, AToken and XT will airdrop users the Year End Benefits. Each phase users can get thousands of XT. Let’s join & get Token easily.

Activity time: November 26th-December 4th 12:00

The current price of XT is $ 6.

Submit the following information and AToken will airdrop XT to users:


1. Users who received this airdrop need to download AToken Wallet and finish the form information;

2. Users who submitted the correct form can get 0.5XT, the current price of XT is $ 6;

3. The total reward is 1000XT, first come first…

A lot of friends of mine come to me recently raising their concerns regarding CEXes.

“Hey Wayne, I don’t know when will OKex reopen the withdraw function;

“I don’t know whether Binance will be legit anymore in the United States.”

“ There is a rumor about Huobi exiting scam. Is it Real?”

“To be honest, I am feeling less and less confident about CEXes, even with those big CEXes.”

“Is Decentralized Wallet a safe place to store my asset? ”

When being asked about the above questions, I have a standard version of the answer, which is :

“Yes it…

The entire Autumn is about to end and AToken witnessed significant growth in user scale. In order to express our appreciation for the long term support from our users. AToken decides to expand a series of community events aiming at rewarding the AToken users.

There will be three events in the next two days:

● 9/29: AToken Autumn Airdrop. 0- Cost earning!

● 9/29: AToken X Mining mna. 20 USDT Awaits!

● 9/30: AToken Save & Mind 2nd Season! 100k LENT Airdrop!

Action speaks louder than words. Take a look at the details!

Autumn Special Offer №1![AToken Autumn Airdrop]


Open the AToken wallet, search for MiningMan in the DApp section. Enter Mining man and purchase any kind of product will lead you to a cash bonus!

Time Period:

Sept. 30th - Oct. 8th

Rules :

1、You have to have Miningman purchase history to be considered qualified for the cash reward;

2、Any successful computing power purchase will be rewarded 20 USDT. Inviting friends to successfully participate in the event will also be rewarded with 20 USDT.

3、The reward will be delivered automatically before Oct. 15th to the AToken wallet addresses who have purchased Miningman products during the event.

All right! That’s all for today! We will have one more event to announce tomorrow!

Download AToken to get your special offer!

I called you 3000 times, but you are still shy about dating me. However, ETH2.0, after year’s waiting, is closer and closer to its finish line.

Yesterday, Ethereum developer and co-founder of Prysmatic Labs, Raul Jordan stated that his team will complete the development of all features of Ethereum 2.0 by October 15. The final features currently being developed by Prysmatic Labs and other software development teams include ensuring that Ethereum 2.0 clients are interoperable and can be used interchangeably by users without the risk of losing validator tokens.

In addition, according to the data from Glassnode, the number of…

We are proud to share with you the latest news about AToken. Today, AToken Wallet has officially launched the latest version V3.3.58, together with the brand new UI-designed official website. The latest V 3.3.58 has comprehensively upgraded the overall wallet user experience. For the current memes in the blockchain industry, such as DeFi and IPFS mining, it provides users with corresponding function updates. AToken’s goal is to provide users with a full-stop asset custody platform, allowing users to achieve one-stop behavior from storage to transaction and financial management through AToken, and truly become a reliable decentralized financial management platform.


[NEW VERSION] AToken Wallet V3.3.58


The golden era of UNI is about to touch down.

No matter you are an enthusiast or a profession in the blockchain industry, you cannot neglect the hottest news in the last two days.

“Uniswap released its protocol token UNI with an insane airdrop campaign to distribute almost 1 billion usd-value UNIs”

This is not a joke. The rich can get rich because of the willingness to share. The temporary selling pressure after the 1st-day airdrop was covered by the open market. Until now, the market price on Huobi is at 3.61 usd…

AToken Official

AToken is a decentralized multi-asset wallet that supports multi-currency storage, the access to third-party DApps and currency exchange.

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